Dating and marriage in viet nam


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Marriage was considered to be a duty, and was generally arranged in a non-emotional manner by the elders in the family.

Sometimes, mere children have been committed to each other for later marriage.

Where the Vietnamese citizens who is fluent in a foreign language or foreigner is fluent Vietnamese, and during interviews at the Justice Department shows that both sides have an understanding of family circumstances, completely each individual”s situation, understanding of language, customs, traditions, culture, laws on marriage and family in each country, they will be not required the Certifications of Center.

Where two foreigners get married each other the Certifications of Center is not required. Submission of dossiers of marriage registration: Dossier of marriage registration shall be directly submitted by one of two parties at provincial Department of Justice if perform marriage registration in Vietnam or at Vietnamese diplomatic missions or consular office abroad. A dossier for marriage registration is made into 01 set, including the following papers of each party: a) The marriage registration declaration (made in standard form); b) The written certification of marital status or marriage registration declaration with certification of marital status of Vietnamese citizens, issued within 6 months to the date the dossier is received; documentary evidence on marital status of foreigners, issued by a competent agency of the country of which the applicant is a citizen, within 6 months to the date the dossier is received, stating that such applicant is currently in status of having no wife or no husband; In cases where foreign laws do not prescribe the certification of marriage status, it can be replaced by the certification of oath taken by the applicant that he or she concurrently has no wife or husband, in accordance with the laws of those countries; c) The medical examination from a Vietnamese or foreign competent health organization within 6 months to the date of receiving the dossier, certifying that such person does not suffer from mental diseases or other diseases which make a person incapable to aware or control his/her acts; d) Copies of personal papers, such as identity card or passport (Vietnamese citizens staying in the country), passport or papers of substitute value such as travel document or residence card (for foreigners or Vietnamese citizens living overseas); e) Copies of the household registration book, the temporary residence book (for Vietnamese citizens living in the country); permanent residence card, temporary residence card or temporary residence certificate (for foreigners residing temporarily or permanently in Vietnam wish to marry each other).

Procedures of marriage registration to foreigner in Vietnam 1.

A Vietnamese citizen who is serving in the armed forces or whose work is directly related to state secrets must submit a certificate issued by central or provincial bodies, confirming that marriage to a foreigner does not affect the protection of state secrets and is not inconsistent with the provisions of this industry.In Vietnam today, there are two distinct groupings as far as the important rite of marriage is concerned.One group is the more modern, who cling to Western innovations and desire similar weddings.Marriage consultation conducted by Marriage Consultancy Center on marriage to a foreigner is compulsory in the procedure of marriage registration between Vietnamese and foreigner in following cases: - The age gap between two partners is 20 years or more; - This is the third marriage of the foreign partner, or the foreign partner has gone through a divorce from a Vietnamese citizen; - The partners do not completely understand about the families and backgrounds of each other; about the languages, traditions, customs, cultures, and laws on marriage and families of each other’s country.A Certificate to Vietnamese citizen have been advised on marriage involving foreign elements (hereafter referred to as Certificate of Centre) by the Marriage Consultancy Center on marriage to a foreigner for Vietnam citizens to supplement marriage registration dossier.My match should be a kind man, smart and not dominant . I'm here on the groung that I want to make friends.

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