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Every one of the album's 10 songs will be accompanied by a video created in collaboration with "directors and artists who are queer, or transgender, or women, or people of color," Tegan stated.For 36 years, Tegan and Sara Quin have shared a face and a voice."We always joke that with lesbians, you go on one date and are monogamous and moving in together," she said."Neither Sarah or I are like that, so she was dating someone and this person was zeroing in on someone else she'd been seeing as long as Sarah.For new songs like “100x,” did that simplicity come any easier?I forgot I had said that about writing for other people.

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When he walked up, he shook our hands, gave us hugs, and then he was like, "I'm so excited to meet you guys, my wife and I love Grey's Anatomy, and ‘Where Does the Good Go’ is our favorite song." After that, he thanked us for all the work we done in the LGBT community. Like, I was like, “I don't want to go on in-ear monitors, I just want to sing on monitors.” Nobody said no to me. And it makes the future sometimes unsettling, but I feel less scared because I already know what those things feel like in a way.I mean, there was stuff in the early days that was borderline suggesting we were incestuous.Are Canadian synthpop wonders Tegan and Sara trying to tell us something with their catchy new single, "Boyfriend?They grow up in the northeast corner, a more racially diverse and lower income part of the city.According to a 2011 Q&A on their site, Tegan says their parents separate when they are four and divorce within the following two years.I was actually in the room with Tegan when I was writing a bunch of that song.

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