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Clark says there are a lot of musicians who graft before a light shines on them."when I first heard Angeleena Presley a few years back, I was blown away by her music," Clark says, "and it's the same with Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves.Monroe, who is a member of Lambert's Pistol Annies and also sang in Nashville Wednesday that Lambert got up and sang with Monroe, just two days after the divorce was finalized.Shelton started Friday's volley of tweets with this one: Lambert swiftly replied: Both singers have been longtime supporters of Monroe. I think I may have known her longer than Miranda has known her." And now she doesn't have to side with Team Blake or Team Miranda. Just a half hour or so after tweeting about Monroe, Lambert took a swipe at the gossip circulating around their divorce.Time to scrub that “I like all kinds of music, except country” line off your Ok Cupid profile.If you’ve tried online dating, you’re fluent in human loneliness, which means you should get familiar with the sniffly catharsis of a good country song — the kind Ashley Monroe knows how to sing with Kleenex-depleting grace.

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“When they are both not on tour, they are with each other.

Clark replies: "I have been pleasantly surprised about the lack of hostility but then I have been out of the closet for a long time and there was certainly no going back.

It may be a boy's club in some areas but the people around me and on my team are always giving me help – and a lot of them are gay, too, so I wouldn't expect problems there!

It was the same when I picked up on Sturgill Simpson – and how great is he?

I guess the cream rises to the top – but then the scum does too sometimes." Mainstream country music is sometimes seemingly dominated by macho men singing about their conquests in trucks.

But Clark, a fan of the offbeat (one of her favourite films is The Coen Brothers' Raising Arizona) hardly fits that bill.

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