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Yet, if you bother to revisit those Seventies episodes - bringing all the added sophistication and cynicism of age as your companion - I think you have to confront the awkward truth that the earlier incarnation remains in many ways unequalled.

Yes, I'm pronouncing the new sacrilege that David Tennant, recently voted the most popular Doctor in Dr Who Magazine, is, bless him, no match for old, avuncular Tom.

A couple of months ago I happened to tune into Radio 2 at almost the exact moment Steve Wright was telling his studio sidekicks they should never make the mistake of watching old Dr Who episodes.

The special effects look terrible, he said, just lots of egg-boxes glued together - or words to that effect. I'm not pathologically protective of the golden age of the original Dr Who series - almost universally taken to be the Tom Baker years of 1974-81.

But, with the help of Tennant and Smith's Doctors (and all the other Doctors), he managed to rewrite his time line and instead hide Gallifrey somewhere else in time and space.

It managed to be both an incredibly touching and staggeringly tense episode that stuffed in as many nerd-references as you could wish for, as well as the return of Billie Piper and - in an unexpected twist - Tom Baker in the show's final moments.

There is a considerable volume of information available about Doctor Who, both online and in print.

The two actors, who both play the infamous Doctor, were spotted in front of Doctor #10′s (Tennant) Tardis while a Zygon headed to craft services in the background.

Unfortunately for newcomers to Doctor Who, most sources assume a basic familiarity with the programme.

If you've never heard of “Peter Davison”, or the date “November 23rd, 1963” means nothing to you, you may find yourself lost in a morass of strange names and terms.

So what do you do if you've only seen a handful of episodes -- or perhaps none at all -- and want to learn more? These 13 questions and answers should tell you everything you need to know to gain a basic understanding of Doctor Who and its history. It has aired on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), in the United Kingdom, since November 1963 (although not continuously).

Because it's about time travel, Doctor Who is usually considered to be a science-fiction series.

David Tennant, the guy she's marrying, was the 10th Doctor and her father . Women because they all want to marry him, men because they want to marry her...

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