Cam chat streaming secrets

If a customer was in on the joke, Abuhamdeh would banter with them a bit.

He shared stories from his home life, and slowly began to invite fans into it, broadcasting from his apartment, from a cousin’s wedding, while driving in his car or getting a haircut.

You can now record videos live and broadcast them to your followers, who will then get notified via push notifications.

You can access both live-streaming apps from your smartphone or desktop.

“At first, it got to be enough so I could cover my phone bill.

Now I make more every month on You Now than I do from my work at the store,” Abuhamdeh tells me. We become friends.” A couple of times he’s broadcast from his bedroom while sleeping. They want to see everything that you do.” You Now launched back in September of 2012, but for its first year and a half struggled to find traction.

In June of last year, on a whim and mostly out of boredom, Abuhamdeh mounted his phone next to the register and began to broadcast his day on You Now, a live streaming service. People would walk up and pay, he would ring them up, and then as they left, nail them with a zinger spoken to the camera.

Both apps require you to link it to your Twitter account.

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While our strategy for developing a live audience is tried and tested on You Tube, we believe most of the principles we work with apply across a number of the platforms brands are most interested in tackling live.

To dispel some of the myths about livestreaming and create actionable recommendations for brands looking to explore the format, we’ve compiled answers to the five most commonly asked questions we get about creating live content: The value proposition of live programming is twofold: You as the brand receive real-time feedback from viewers, and they in-turn receive a viewing experience that’s as organic and unfiltered as possible.

Tayser Abuhamdeh doesn’t have what most people would call an exciting job. “Eventually I started opening up, saying random things, telling jokes and laughing at my own jokes.

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