Dating like a grown up


It didn’t stay good forever, high school was a bumpy road for me, like it is for most that don’t naturally fit in, but the lesson I learned that summer carried, and I was never again invested the way I used to be in being popular, or having the “right” friends.

The trouble with that lesson was that it applied strictly to my social world.

The more you learn about yourself and learn to identify your own tendencies, the closer to grown up you'll be.

I spent a good part of my tween and teenhood being targeted by mean girls.Earlier in the evening when I tipped back a martini with extra olives, his eyes locked on my falsified feminine pillows. The moon, like my heart, is almost full, but never quite. When I first moved to Hollywood, I dated a TV showrunner. I had taken his advice and gone to Victoria’s Secret to face down my insecurity over lingerie.Now in bed together, I think of signposts, yellow and black, which warn of wet, winding roads ahead. Accustomed to giving feedback against an audition line of beautiful actresses, he immediately saw my issue. Teenage girls ran through the store, giggling and laughing.I spent the summer after that devastating year growing a thicker skin, hanging out with people who weren’t necessarily “popular,” but who definitely were (and are) cool.I then came back to school with a confidence that stopped the mean-girl torture in its tracks.Pressel, looking polished in a smart navy dress and heels, had come to the Old Course at Broken Sound for a photo shoot with the van, which was sandwiched between tents for an upcoming Champions Tour event.

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