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The now-ended year had more big LAN tournaments than we ever had to analyze for our Top 20 series, which on one hand meant there is more data about most of the players, and on the other that were more chances for different players to stand out. I am a fan of Guardian but I have to admit that Guardian was usually underperformed against fnatic and envyus, and that's the reason why Guardian was the 3rd. Beating Navi and Luminosity was not easy, considering mouse is only an average team. I put jkaem in top20 because I think he has the potential and he played great in faceit finals, you may be right.

The ranking is as always based on statistical parameters from big LAN events (that at least several top teams attended). skadoodle kenny S can only get 5th, due to his time with titan, and niko .. My top20 players usually have high winning rate in clutch rounds.

600 RUB - entry ticket to the Main Museum Complex and the branches (the General Staff Building, Winter Palace of Peter the Great, Menshikov Palace, the Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory) 300 RUB - entry ticket to one of the Hermitage branches (Winter Palace of Peter the Great, Menshikov Palace, the Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Centre)The museum is wheelchair accessible (Ramps/lifts). Evening openings of the Cathedral in the summer only (May 1 - September 30): 6 pm to 10.30 pm.

Entrance with wheelchairs from the Embankment of Kanal Griboedova (Benois Wing). Please call 7 (812) 314-6424 before your visit as staff assistance may be required. Evening openings of the Colonnade in the summer only (May 1 - October 31): 6 pm to 10.30 pm. Audio-guide (in Russian, English, German, French, Italian or Spanish): RUB 100.00. Evening openings of the Cathedral in the summer only: RUB 400.00.

Ali is average, definitely not top ten nether top 20 wait until thorin post hes rankings. Sorry, didn't realize I was arguing with an autistic kid. Nip consistency issues Muaha u really thing nip is going to get up from this LOL they are done for live majority of them are old and they should retire long time ago.

u can learn something Holy shit LOL I can hardly read your horrendous grammar. And yea, you don't realize how stats work do u kid? As i mention before natural selection.' CS analyst will say that Ali performed well this year' - because rest of them are so shit that average player is looking like something. And no, this list is made by analyzing the performance of players throughout the year, including crucial plays and stats.

Canoe the Harpeth The Harpeth River is located just 30 minutes from Nashville and is a class II river, perfect for a nice float down the river.Use OFFSET and FETCH in the ORDER BY clause instead of the TOP clause to implement a query paging solution.A paging solution (that is, sending chunks or "pages" of data to the client) is easier to implement using OFFSET and FETCH clauses.Fractional values are rounded up to the next integer value. In a SELECT statement, always use an ORDER BY clause with the TOP clause.WITH TIES Used when you want to return two or more rows that tie for last place in the limited results set. WITH TIES may cause more rows to be returned than the value specified in is set to 5 but 2 additional rows match the values of the ORDER BY columns in row 5, the result set will contain 7 rows. WITH TIES can be specified only in SELECT statements, and only if an ORDER BY clause is specified. This is the only way to predictably indicate which rows are affected by TOP.Murder of Rasputin exhibit: Adult RUB 400.00, Children RUB 300.00.

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