How to move from casual dating to a relationship

If you truly want to move on, then you both need to share personal thoughts and feelings with each other.Revealing dreams, hopes, fear, worries and other inner thoughts is part of going from a casual crush to a close couple, advises the article "Love and Romance" on the Teens Health website.I have a homegirl who presented me with a HILARIOUS situation that I have heard NUMEROUS women in the dating scene complain about.She is seeing a guy who she really likes and has a great connection with – Basically, she was leaving the restaurant with the new guy and they were waiting for a cab, when ol’ dude popped up around the corner with his boys, and they ran right the hell into each other.Casually dating and being committed are two very different stages of a relationship.When you're keeping it casual, monogamy may not be key.But the one funny expectation men have of this scenario is that he EXPECTS his pseudo-girlfriend to be LOYAL to him – But here’s the point ladies: Once a dude FAILS to give you a solid commitment, that’s just his way of letting you know that you are a restricted-free agent.

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Ask her questions that go deeper than "What's your favorite TV show? " Instead, focus on her beliefs, values and overall life goals.

Even if you’ve never heard that phrase, you’ve probably dealt with a few.

A relationship bomb is a situation where things could easily blow up in your face.

“People like to feel that they’re making progress as a couple.

If they’re not—if, in fact, the relationship is in trouble—they may have distorted recollections that help them feel like they’re moving forward because they need a psychological justification to stay in the relationship,” said Brian G.

Here’s a common relationship bomb: the dreaded state-of-the-relationship talk.

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