Gigabyte bios live bios updating utility

All the while there was a lurking danger - if something went wrong, you would be left with an essentially unusable motherboard…Not an operation for the novice, and not one that even PC enthusiasts approached with enthusiasm.Lately rumors have been floating around about Broadwell-E, Intels Extreme Edition Broadwell based CPU, and now it's been confirmed..Last week Gigabyte confirmed those speculations by releasing Version 1.1 F20 for their GA-X99-UD4 motherboard.

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Flashing the BIOS is still not an operation that the large majority of PC users are even aware of, and that's something that we'd like to try to change.

In recent years, things have gotten a whole lot more friendly on the BIOS upgrade front, and markedly more failure resistant too.

It's likely that the major motherboard manufacturers realized that consumers were simply not bothering to update their motherboards due to the complexities involved.

Upgrading the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) of your computer's motherboard, also sometimes called 'flashing,' used to be a complex operation full of potential perils for your PC.

The task involved downloading the correct BIOS file, the proper CMOS chip flashing software, rebooting the PC into DOS mode, applying the correct commands and then waiting in suspense until the update finished.

While for more experienced users, power users and overclockers, this will be a simple and familiar task, this is a simple guide that less experienced users can refer to when updating their BIOS that is based on the user-friendly GIGABYTE Q Flash utility.

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