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The citizens of the Eastern Empire thought of themselves as the true survivors and descendants of Rome, and called themselves Romans until at least the end of the first millennium.The accession of Honorius and Arcadius was marked by a basic change in the role of the emperor.This now fell into the hands of their chief ministers.

Ang Gresya ay matatagpuan sa pagitan ng Europa, Asia, at Aprika.

Accurate reconstruction of the family before the early 13th century also presents considerable difficulties, as with the Palaiologos family.

Early members of the family married into the Dukas and Komnenos families as well, and both these family names were adopted by later descendants.

The term "Asia" was soon popularized by the Romans for whom it meant only the populous and cultivated western sea-board, organized by them into a province, together with neighbouring territory (Mysia, Lydia, Caria, Phrygia) more or less civilized after the Græco-Roman ideas.

The first writer to use the term Asia Minor is the Christian Orosius (Hist., I, 2, 10), about the year 400.

A consul was the highest elected political office of the Roman Republic, and the consulship was considered the highest level of the cursus honorum (an ascending sequence of public offices to which politicians aspired).

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