Dating a man with bipolar


Joseph’s untreated bipolar leads to mania, melancholia, and discussions on the beach with a gray whale (voiced by Jonathan Pryce). [click here to watch the trailer] Two people, each having bipolar (expertly played by Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby), meet in a psychiatric hospital and fall in love.

Directed by Paul Dalio and produced by Spike Lee, captures the intensity of their romance and the ebb and flow of beautiful highs and tormented lows.

Disabled Date Place is helping differently abled singles to connect, and be one step ahead in the dating world.) stars as Joseph Hawthorne, a man whose wife was lost overboard when they were sailing.The mystery of what really happened divides his town, makes enemies of his wife’s family, and draws the attention of a journalist.Their self-esteem soars out of control and it’s hard for them to sit still.They talk more, are easily distracted, their thoughts race, and they don’t sleep enough.Disabled Date Place specialises in online dating and matchmaking services for people with a wide range of disabilities.

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