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Sean Erickson is a convicted sex offender who cannot escape his past.

The 44-year-old Fond du Lac man served five years in prison for sexually assaulting a former girlfriend in 1991.

Erickson is now married but does not live with his wife, even though the Department of Corrections has placed no restrictions on where he resides other than reporting his address.

The mobile home his wife owns is located on rental property, and the landlord allows Erickson only to visit, not reside there, because of his criminal past.“People don’t see me," Erickson said.

Even those lucky enough to avoid any jail or prison time may face the strict rules of specialized sex offender probation, which can severely limit your job, residence and daily activities."I wanted to see my daughter and basically gave (the woman) an ultimatum."Twenty-five years later, the shadow of the incident still darkens his life.Being labeled a sex offender has hurt his relationships, employment opportunities and caused him deep despair.He was 19 years old when he forced her to have sex with him, court records indicate.Erickson said the incident started as an argument, then took a terrible turn.“At that age, and the way I was thinking at the time, I only knew one way of trying to gain control," Erickson said.In the first stage, we employ a Support Vector Machine classifier to distinguish conversations having suspicious content from safe online discussions.

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