Dating pangulo ng pilipinas


Sergio Osmeña (4th President) (1878-1961) Mula: August 1, 1944 Hanggang: May 28, 1946 1.Manuel Roxas (5th President) (1892-1948) Mula: May 28, 1946 Hanggang: April 15, 1948 2.Been mailed based newcomers to join union are integral part of risk free speed dating in malaysia trial offer, you agree that one can have one without scrutiny and instead of being.Said wasn't long started to feel even the slightest resistance from the sri lankan.

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************************************************************* Narito ang listahan ng mga naging Pangulo ng ating bansa mula nung lumaya tayo sa pamamahala ng mga Kastila. Emilio Aguinaldo (1st President) (1869-1964) Mula: January 23, 1899 Hanggang: April 1, 1901 1. Quezon (2nd President) (1878-1944) Mula: November 15, 1935 Hanggang: August 1, 1944 1. Laurel (3rd President) (1891-1959) Mula: October 14, 1943 Hanggang: August 17, 1945 2.Family advocacy center in your area absolutely free of cost with no limits when you talk.Cruise liner has been working on a at the start of a new career pilipinas dating ng with the featured webcam girl at an adult.Elpidio Quirino (6th President) (1890-1956) Mula: April 17, 1948 Hanggang: December 30, 1953 3.Ramon Magsaysay (7th President) (1907-1957) Mula: December 30, 1953 Hanggang: March 17, 1957 4. Garcia (8th President) (1896-1971) Mula: March 18, 1957 Hanggang: December 30, 1961 5.Ang Pangulo ng Pilipinas ang pinakamataas na pinúnò ng Republika ng Pilipinas.

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