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We support virtually every kind of database and application, which means we need a variety of tools and technologies to help us manage the huge and diverse Ensono environment.

Since 2001, we’ve relied on solutions from BMC Software to monitor major portions of the environment that we manage.

Effective monitoring is crucial to delivering the level of service our clients require and expect.

It’s a tough job because we have more than 68,000 mainframe MIPS, 10,000 servers, and 10 petabytes of storage under management.

Besides, adoption of local content policy in public procurement and implementation of goods and services tax (GST) will provide further impetus to Make in India.

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India’s manufacturing sector, accounting for just 16-17% of gross domestic product (GDP), holds enough untapped potential.

(Nasdaq: KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that it is consolidating certain of its Modular System Division's (MSD) facilities in a restructuring move, which will result in the closing of Kratos' Charleston Marine Container (CMCI) manufacturing plant.

The facility consolidation is being driven by the need to improve MSD manufacturing efficiencies, operational performance, profit margins and cash flow.

We deal with just about any brand of hardware you can think of and every type of operating system going back as far as OS/2 and all the way forward to today’s latest and greatest.

We host everything from internal mail servers to ecommerce applications that accept credit cards and healthcare systems that store patient records.

Consolidation activity usually signifies an industry in the mature phase of its life cycle, as established operators acquire competitors in an effort to strengthen their market position.

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