Updating multiple gps with one garmin disk

For this reason I have written this chapter to cover the use of Map Source with handheld gps receivers.

This chapter is not intended to replace the Garmin documentation but will provide some tips that may help in understanding the most effective ways to use this product.

You may have purchased your Garmin GPS maps a while back, and the city you live in recently has built lots of new roads, so you wanted a new version of the Garmin GPS maps. Next follow the onscreen instruction to finish the installation. If the auto installation does not work, you may have to install it manual. From this screen, you could also update your device software. Click on the Update Now button to update the latest software. On the next screen, you can choose to buy a life time update or just a one time update. Select your options and click on the Add to Cart button. Once payment is completed, you will be ask to download the Garmin Map Update Application.

In this tutorial I will show you how you could perform an upgrade to the map. If you don't have the installation CD anymore, then you will need to download and install the Garmin Agent. Once completed, you should see the blue triangle in the system tray. Next use the USB cable and connect your Garmin GPS device into the PC. Then go to the System tray, and click on the blue triangle icon. This is only updating the device software not the actual gps maps. If you have run out of free map update period, you will have to pay for the new maps update. Next you will have the chance to purchase a disk that send to your house, or you can directly download it. Currently the one time update will cost .99 and a life time update is 9.99 14.

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I have noticed that the plugin crashes my Internet Explorer 9.

Introduction Installation Overview Working with Maps Working with tracks, waypoints, routes Working with real time tracking Other features This discussion is based on Mapsource version 4.09.

Garmin requires that users use their product called Map Source to upload maps and poi's (points of interest) to their gps units.

Go to the Garmin site, you could also click on the blue triangle in the systray to go to the Garmin site, however this will open Internet Explorer as the default browser.

Access and fulfill minimum subscription requirements. Vehicle must be properly equipped and in active and usable cellular range for 3G Wi-Fi usage.

Replacing and removing old maps on the Garmin can be done with the aid of a computer. Never delete the map that came pre-installed on the GPS.

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