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Hijos De Rebeldes is a remix of Rebelde Way and Rebelde but with a mix of new details and cultures.

She is married to Governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello.

She is best known for starring in Alondra (1995), Mujeres Engañadas (1999), Primer Amor (2000), Clase 406 (2003), Rebelde (2004), RBD: La Familia (2007) and Dos Hogares (2011).

She has sung in various languages apart from her native Spanish, including English, Italian and Portuguese.

The actress put up a pic and video on social media showing off her body – and pointed out that she was proudly not editing it.

Geraldine says her cellulite and stretch marks are part of her body – from age and having had babies – and feels no need to create the illusion of a perfect body.

A major plot line of the show revolved around a group of six students forming a pop band.

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