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7 race together, but whomever finishes first earns bragging rights of more money earned toward his respective charity, Grassroot Soccer for Zohn and First Descents for Sutter.

“Ethan and I have been good friends for some time,” Sutter says.

But now that Zohn is healthy, both men will run this year – against each other.

This dude just loves the thrill of being a reality TV contestant apparently... he's pretty much just a reality TV legend and professional crazy-dude.

In fact, I would argue that it's one of the most prominent reality TV series' of all time. Now He was on Celebrity Apprentice, which is in itself fairly ridiculous...

but, the part of his modern day story that is most noteworthy is the fact that he served sentences of 51 months and nine months for tax fraud.

“His fight against cancer and his continued success with Grassroots Soccer are demonstrations of his incredible strength of spirit and kind heart.

I look forward to competing on behalf of First Descents against Ethan and GRS to raise awareness and funds for two inspirational organizations.” into his charity, which brings the joy of soccer to African kids while educating them about AIDS and HIV.

Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of reality shows that have come and gone in the past decade or so... Richard Hatch was a corporate trainer and was heavily disliked...

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