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To understand how NSCs contribute to postnatal/adult brain remodeling and repair after injury, the lateral ventricular (LV) neurogenic niche in the rodent postnatal brain serves as an excellent model system. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2010.00043 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Lagace, D. It is a specialized area containing self-renewing GFAP astrocytes functioning as NSCs generating new neurons throughout life.

By using the Website you consent to the terms of our current Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.In addition to this now well-studied regenerative process, the LV niche also generates differentiated astrocytes, playing an important role for glial scar formation after cortical injury. Imaging and recording subventricular zone progenitor cells in live tissue of postnatal mice. While LV NSCs can be clearly distinguished from their neuroblast and oligodendrocyte progeny via molecular markers, the astrocytic identity of NSCs has complicated their distinction from terminally-differentiated astrocytes in the niche. We are interested in understanding regenerative capacities in the nervous system, using rodent neurogenesis and fly metamorphosis as model systems.A major part of our current efforts is focused on how to sustain neurogenesis in the adult brain.There are several ways of communicating within the network: in diaries and blogs a person can express his or her views, he or she can create interest groups, exchange photos, upload audio and video files, send letters, etc.

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