Heather locklear is dating


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Professional bettors are laying odds that it won’t. Michael Jackson is really kicking himself for those anti-Semitic comments, says a source.

She has reportedly joined him with his band, Bon Jovi, which is on tour — though he’s not eager to publicize it.

“Richie was just being a rock star,” a source told the mag. When you’re a rock star, being carefree is part of the game.” Mommy from the block Is Jennifer Lopez making a little J. Rumors that the diva is with child — reported here a while back — resurfaced after Lopez cancelled an overseas tour.

Locklear is not looking back to get with Sambora, who has hooked up with — and reportedly dumped— her former best friend, Denise Richards, according to In Touch. Reports that Richards and Sambora have split may have been greatly exaggerated.

“Denise and Richie are still together,” Richards’s rep told Us Weekly.

Locklear was photographed showing off her fabulous figure in a teeny tiny two piece, appearing relaxed and content as she rocked minimal makeup while wearing her hair in a natural style.

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