The myspace of dating


In a blog post Tuesday, My Space said it has disabled the affected passwords so that nobody can use the leaked credentials to gain unauthorized access to accounts.

It's unclear how many of the accounts in the My Space hack were still "active," in the sense that they belong to people who continue to log into the service today.

In that light, it seems there's a strong case for deleting your old, unused accounts -- or at least creating a throwaway email address to associate with the services you don't use so that they're insulated from the email addresses you use for more important things.

They named the new premium tier Tinder Plus, and made all sorts of head scratching decisions about how much to charge and what features to include in the new product.However, these feedback loops can work just as fast in reverse, as Myspace found out: Tinder should thus be 100% laser focused on delivering maximum value to its users so that it can retain them and ultimately monetize (some of) them.As successful revenue-generating consumer services like Dropbox, Netflix, Evernote, and Spotify have proven, the more perceived value you provide for users the more willing they are to part with cash. you're completely out of touch—or a bit long in the i pointed out in pc mag's recent feature on the ever-growing world of online social networking, myspace gets nearly 12 million hits a day—more than any stateside site save google, msn, and yahoo!Despite falling out of vogue years ago, My Space -- that old precursor to Facebook -- still has details on more user accounts than the United States has people.

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