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Things we’ve heard you should drink to lose weight: lemon water, super-cold water, low-fat milk (seriously) and green tea.Of course, they’re not legit – there’s no magic bullet when it comes to weight-loss, so we’re not surprised that gulping apple cider vinegar is bogus, too.People claim it healed their digestion, rid their skin of acne, saved their hair, whitened their smile. At this point in my stint as mbg beauty editor, I've tested enough kitchen-products-turned-beauty-miracles to know when something is living up to the hype. To this day, I pour about a cup of ACV onto my hair once a week, gently massage it into my scalp and strands, and rinse. It wasn't until I decided to actually look at the label that I realized the shampoo was "infused" with apple cider vinegar as the active ingredient.“The only benefit a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar would provide,” says Joburg-based dietician Lila Bruk, “is making a good salad dressing!” While your BFF may swear by this (rather bitter) weight-loss method, be aware that there is no “magic potion” for weight loss, says weight-loss advisor Eilenne Horwitz.

Before you start sipping, check this out – and our other Myth Busters too, while you’re at it.

If someone has lost weight while knocking back vinegar, it’s likely because she’s also been watching what she eats, she adds.

On stage at the Flint Center in Cupertino, the company’s executives proudly revealed sleek, media-ready renderings of new gadgets, marking Apple’s biggest product lineup refresh in years: two new and bigger i Phones, a long-rumored smart watch, and Apple Pay, the company’s first foray into wireless mobile payments.

The idea is that drinking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before bed speeds up your metabolism, burning fat faster.

But there’s no scientific research that’ll whittle your waistline.

The latest i Phone software update, i OS9.3, wasn’t particularly notable.

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