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Neutrons are found in the nuclei of all atoms except ordinary hydrogen atoms.

The nucleus of an atom of ordinary hydrogen consists of a single positively charged particle called a proton.

In earlier essays we have shown that the process of evolution can really not be demonstrated in the fossil record, nor can it be demonstrated in the world of living things today.

But in the popular mind, C-14 dating is associated with an evolutionary history of life.

As the reasoning apparently goes, with all this time available, perhaps evolution actually did take place.First, since carbon-14 dating is objective and reproducible, it cannot be ignored.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Such features include (1) differences between ring years and radiocarbon years in trees that should be immediately postdiluvian by creationist theories, (2) the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the dendrochronological radiocarbon calibration curve in the historical era, and (3) the possible existence of carbon-14 in antediluvian fossil material.Suggestions are offered for experimental projects that would resolve these uncertainties.Editorial note: The evidence for the destruction of Jericho at the time the Bible describes it and the way the Bible describes it is overwhelming.

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