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Haroun Tazieff, Volcano man, Inferno detective, includes a neat photo of him cross country skiing in Erebus in Antarctica. A horrible photo of the scene after an execution during a prison riot, New York State's Attica prison.An inquiry into the violent death of an old friend, an elephant, by Shana Alexander. Burn center nurse's unceasing fight, Charlotte Sheehan with Jim Lazardi, Gary Hawkins, Aleyda Monell, Judy Flagg, Dorothy Walsh. A humorous photo of Prince Charles skiing in disguise. The biggest American flag ever - 86,310 square feet, Evansville, Indiana. The greatest runner, Jesse Owens, dies - full page photo of him in his prime. Full page color Olympus OM 10 camera ad with Cheryl Tiegs. Khomeini's fierce outcry against America, photos include a big group of muslim beating themselves (! Full page color RCA television ad with lady surfing. Two page color Congoleum flooring ad with little ballerina and ballet troup.

In 1965 she began teaching at Ferguson Elementary School. She is the best teacher anyone would ever want to have! STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCLVTION & QUEENS ADMINISTRATORS & STAFF SENIORS JUNIORS ][ SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN WEEKEND COLLEGE HOMECOMING ORGANIZATIONS HONOR SOCIETIES ""ZZZ" GREEK FRATERNITIES & SORORITIES ... SPORTS UNIVERSITY CHOIR ZZZZZZZZZ PRE-SCHOOL LABORATORY ' SPECIAL FEATURES FACULTY RESIDENCE HALLS ZZ'Z. This was the kind of entertainment FSU students need- ed after sitting in class all morning. Beasley Dorothy M Best Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville, NC Economics Bu siness Administrati Pisces Virgo Brenda Bethea Fairmont, NC Psychology Libra mm^m^ NC Percy Bethea, J Fayettevil Business Adm Aquar Nancy Black Cvnlhia Blc we Imogene Blue Tarboro, NC Murfreesboro NC Fairmont, NC Office Administration Business Admin stration Earlv Childfiood Educ Jtl O Cancer Libra Li Uie Booth Hoffman. R Bordeau Rocky Point, NC Chervl Bovd Jamaica, NY Earlv Childhood Education Delvnn Bovkin Clinton. Jefferson Gloria E Jenkm Beularille, NC Jovatt, Va Greenville.Art historian Anthony Blunt was a spy for the Soviets. Whatever became of Mary Astor, Pola Negri, Billie Dove, and other lost stars? Two page color Clairesse hair color ad with Cheryl Tiegs. The Lake Placid Club in 1904 as photographed by Irving Stedman, includes skijoring (behind a horse), a skier, sulky racing on Mirror Lake, tobagganing, more. A number of letters to the editors pertaining to the Cerebral Palsy article in LIFE January 1980. Two page color Volkswagon Vanagon ad, in red and white.Looking into the 1980's - future portrait of America. Hunting Nazi henchmen in the US, includes Frida Michelson, Karlis Detlavs, Frank Walus, David Gelbhauer, Serge Kowalchuk, others. Upcoming Olympics and slalom skier to beat, Ingemar Stenmark, Steve and Phil Mahre, others. Cubans in Angola, Castro's auxiliary army in Africa. Two page color Honda ad with CB125S, CM400E, and 194 cc Twin Star motorcycles and the exhortation to always wear a helmet and eye protection.Oral tradition is cultural material and traditions transmitted by word of mouth (orally) from one generation to another.Storytelling and oral tradition are forms of word of mouth that play important roles in folklore and mythology.She is currently continuing the role of ‘Emma Nelson’ in Degrassi: Next Class (2016).

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