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I do think it’s something we always wanted to do because we shared those journals…

as a general thought, we felt it would be great if one day we could put something out there that could help other people out.

However, life moves on and like it or not, you have to deal with it, and sometimes the pain of broken hearts gets pen down, or the bitterness is expressed through social media platforms.

Sharing a similar story is an American songwriter and singer Bebe Rexha who loathes her ex-boyfriend through social media platforms. Bebe Rexha's bitter feelings for her ex-boyfriend is evident in the tweet on February 11, 2017, where she has done a poll on what kind of person is her ex-boyfriend?

Then, when the time was right, we went back and looked at some of that stuff.

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Based on Sutcliffe’s comment; however, we can only hope for a brief tryst between Rory and Dean, versus a long-lasting coupling.

We already knew that Rory would probably not end up with Padalecki’s Dean.

Common sense and a slip of the tongue from the actor who played Rory’s fictional father, David Sutcliffe, made that pretty clear.

Once every four months, just to see if he got a new girl or something." "I have an album coming out called ' All Your Fault'.

When I got my heart broken by my ex I was bitter so then I wrote the first part of this album. It was interesting because I got my heart broken and at the time I had a music manager and my best friend was my assistant. She was like, ' You need to have somebody watch you because you are too depressed right now'.

, Sutcliffe revealed that he's always been partial to Dean, Rory’s first of three boyfriends in the series, and many a fan-favorite.

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