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The origins of the term “grindhouse” are fuzzy: some cite the types of films shown (as in “Bump-and-Grind”) in run down former movie palaces; others point to a method of presentation -- movies were “grinded out” in ancient projectors one after another.

Frequently, the movies were grouped by exploitation subgenre.

On Saturday, however, she tweeted, “I apologize for the plagiarism in my work. I’m so very, very sorry to everyone esp (sic) those I’ve wronged.” A graduate of the film studies program at the University of Toronto and a licensed teacher in Ontario, Mac Dougall has reportedly been dating Tarantino for months.

This only served to fuel rumors that the Oscar-nominated actress and , the actress says, "I was discussing [the rumors] with Mr Tarantino last night.

He was angry at me for not calling him back because as he said, 'According to the papers we are practically married!

After decades of all-but ruling out the possibility, Quentin Tarantino has reportedly become engaged to his girlfriend, Israeli pop singer Daniela Pick.

According to Ynet News, Tarantino, 55, and Pick, 33 became engaged on June 30 in Los Angeles. The whole f—— world can go to hell and and burst into flames,” he said.

Inspired by the unique distribution of independent horror classics of the sixties and seventies, these two shockingly bold features are presented together on a drive-in style double bill, replete with fake trailers, missing reels and plenty of exploitative mayhem.

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