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"It was just me and my baby." Luckily, her son, Shane, started sleeping through the night at 11 weeks.Until then, "I just tried to sleep whenever he slept." Quality time away from your child is just as important as quality time with your child, says Jerrold Lee Shapiro, Ph D, a licensed clinical psychologist and chairman of the department of counseling psychology at Santa Clara University.

It’s better to know what to look for and bail out early then waste years of your life with a widower who’s not ready to make you the center of his universe.One adorable dumpling I refer to as “Bench Boy” spends most of the conversation teaching host Dave Keystone useful breathing exercises.The children have an amazing wealth of untapped knowledge we grownups should be using to further our own selfish endeavors."You have to nurture yourself so you're not running on fumes," he tells Web MD. "Working out, walking, reading a book, sitting down with a close friend...There is maybe no more difficult challenge to a father than finding himself a divorced dad and no longer living with the kids. Being a successful divorced dad - that is maintaining a good relationship with the children despite being divorced from their mother - is an extra burden for dads to bear.She performs on Wednesday nights at the PIT and co-hosts "Elite Weekly" on Facebook Live.

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