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Often the safest way to communicate with others is in person, without computers or phones being involved at all.

Parents: If you want to monitor your kid's cell phone without seeming intrusive, be honest about what you're doing and why. Try showing a little gratitude for what you have and a little respect for your parents. In a few years, as you prepare your college applications, and after that your employment applications, you'll wonder why you ever posted such stupid stuff anyway! My parents check EVERYTHING, and are on my phone 24/7.

Explain that your rules are for their safety and protection. Because of this, I have many other apps to keep stuff secret etc.

Parthenogenetic reproduction — that is, reproducing asexually — tends to occur as a last resort when there are no males present.

In this study, the grouped females picked up a signal from each other that started the male-free breeding process."They recognise the fact that there's a whole bunch of females around, there's no males around, so they'll go into this different reproductive pathway where they produce young without being mated," Dr Merritt said."It's like a sisterhood."The Hokkaido University study said the sisterhood-like behaviour could also indicate an early stage of "social cooperation" among the cockroaches, usually found in more advanced insects like termites.

End-to-end encryption involves some effort, but it's the only way that users can verify the security of their communications without having to trust the platform that they're both using.

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