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“It’s not as if [the condoms] are discretely placed. The message some of the girls take from it is clear – we want you to have sex." An ITV spokesperson denied the claim and said that the islanders are "not put under any pressure to be intimate with one another".

However, the pressure may come from the prospect of what's on offer after the show, rather than the producers.

Although religious doctrine and public mores told them chastity and marital fidelity applied equally to men and women, the practical moral code included an important loophole: the double standard.

Single men had always been able to avail themselves of sexual relations outside of marriage, even at the pinnacle of American sexual puritanism in the waning days of the nineteenth century.

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Of the many unlikeable and inaccurate stereotypes maintained about animals in popular consciousness, among the most frustrating is what I term “old man turtle”. In keeping with the stupid “old man turtle” idea, popular culture would have it that turtles are weak, flaccid, crappy organisms with dull social lives, stunted and barely functional internal organs and undersized sex organs. Hydraulic intromittent male sexual organs – a variety of popular, alternative names are available – are not unique to mammals among tetrapods.

It has proven to be a ratings hit this season, with up to two million viewers tuning in per episode, but it seems as though some of the contestants feel like they need to put on a show for the cameras.

As shown by Kelly (2002), male intromittent organs therefore arose independently among tetrapods on more than one occasion.

“It is very difficult to control every one who comes [to the sport].

I really, really check every single coach who comes to my gym.

Enovid, the first birth control pill, went on the market in 1960.

Unlike any other previously available form of contraception, the Pill was both reliable and controlled by a woman herself, requiring neither the consent nor the knowledge of her sexual partner. The Pill made possible the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

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