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It had been rumored that he had a relationship with Julianne Hough, his partner on "Dancing with the Stars" (although Hough has been falsely rumored to have "relationships" with several of her "Dancing with The Stars partners").This rumor, which started in 2005, while he was dating Baver, still remains unconfirmed, although is most unlikely.Everyone was waiting to see if Joey Fatone, Apolo Anton Ohno and Laila Ali would blow the roof off in the freestyle. But what the audience doesn't know is that each of these celebrities has hit the wall in terms of physical and psychological energy, screaming muscles and aching joints. We literally got these costumes 20 minutes before we had to come out for the second dance. You don't want to have to think about your clothes." Hough has had the additional strain of intense media scrutiny in the past two weeks, after announcing that she called off her August wedding."For me, this show coming to an end is a good thing," says Ali. We were freaking out." "We couldn't get the bandanas to come out of the pockets, nothing," says Hough. But postponing the nuptials, in combination with her steamy dancing with Ohno, only fueled speculation that the two have taken their chemistry beyond the dance floor. (Starts at ) Fisher was recently surprised to run into Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Anton Ohno who agreed to come on the show and talk about his research into his background... His Japanese research brought about some terrific surprises, and he's putting DNA to work to solve the problem on his mother's side. Host Scott Fisher with guest David Allen Lambert Segment 1 Episode 115 Fisher: And you have found us! Fisher: [Laughs] David: But enough if they can get little fragments of them, including part of a calendar bearing the date of December 6 1917 with a note that Emperor Nicholas the second, the last Czar of Russia, had been executed. We can also do something cool, which is basically trying to see whether those little bits of Neanderthal ancestry are correlated with any trait.

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Extreme Genes, America’s Family History Show and Extreme Of course it’s our monthly DNA show and we have Dr. You know I always find if you’re going to go run on the treadmill you might as well have a piece of mincemeat pie or something to lead you on, to get that extra mile in. So for example height, or back hair, or weird things like that. Smith: You can kind of go in and see whether you have any higher likelihood having those things based on your Neanderthal ancestry. You made me feel a lot better, because mine only came in on my 23and Me report at like 2.4 %. So let’s talk about this because you’re always coming up with new tools. Explain to our listeners exactly what it is that this does, and why it’s important to them. Smith: Well, so in the old 23and Me experience, the reports would basically give you your results, but they would give you all of your friends and relatives, like all of your shared results as well.

It’s going to be a great segment later in the show. Right now let’s check in with Boston and our good friend the chief Genealogist for the New England Historic Genealogical Society and American Ancestors.org, David Allen Lambert. David: Greetings from Beantown, and not far from the first Thanksgiving! So carrier status, wellness, traits, ancestry, just click on that and you can see like in a pedigree view. Fisher: [Laughs] Well, we have a question from somebody. This listener’s been following all of our advice about recording and videoing and dealing with audio. In this situation, his weakest link is his internal microphone. Pick up a magazine like Video Maker or go to Video They have a lot of good articles of how to mic people to make sure you’re doing it right.

Fisher: [Laughs] I don’t know if they had a lot of dogs back there. I mean hopefully they were not part of the first feast. [Laughs] David: [Laughs] But sharing things doesn’t always have to be from humans. I think the term “hoarders” comes from the New England attic. David: My great grandfather was in the Canadian expeditionary forces in World War I. Fisher: [Laughs] David: During the Liberty War Bonds Drive back in World War I, if you purchased a war bond for a certain amount of money, they gave you a token that was made from a piece of a German cannon captured during the war. David: So I now have a piece of a cannon that fits my pocket and it’s a piece of an artefact that could have been you know from a cannon on a battlefield, that my great grandfather was trying to attack. In the new Neanderthal report we’ve chained it up a little because there’s been some new data coming out.

She hooked up with (now) retired Rangers agitator Sean Avery after her fling with Sanchez, and the couple were together until 2011. Rhoda has only dated two athletes to this point, but I'm sensing a pattern.

Once the 25-year-old stunner has another lull in her schedule, expect to see her out on the town with an A-List athlete in LA or New York.

As if making piles of money playing sports for a living weren't amazing enough, so many professional athletes today are also A-List celebrities in their own right.

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