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What we do know, is that the couple are humble with their success and don’t feel the need to make headlines at every turn.It wouldn’t be hockey if there weren’t a few cross-checks here and there and Stanley Cup champions such as Crosby, are no exception.Créditos: @comentsayto Bc WDm GAC9 — Geordie Shore Brasil (@geordieshorebr) January 31, 2017 The snap was quickly deleted by the pair - but not before fans had managed to screen grab some pictures - so what is really going on between these two?!Now, Stephen has spoken out about his feelings for Char, even trolling fans by claiming "She's pregnant with my baby! He told OK, "Charlotte ticks a lot of my boxes – she’s funny, witty, clever, she’s got all the right attributes, but as I’m filming Celebs Go Dating. But who knows what will happen in the future.” An insider also told The Sun, "Bear and Charlotte have been snogging loads on set for Just Tattoo Of Us and have hardly kept it a secret to the crew.

If that wasn’t enough to fuel the fire, Charlotte was later spotted in Yeovil with the Celebrity Big Brother winner as he continued to entertain club goers.

We asked Eden how to deal with a crazy ex — and he didn't disappoint."I kind of describe it as letting the air out a tyre. One is to hit it with a knife and let it explode in your face or you can do it where you let little bits of air out at a time," he told us.

"It won't be easy it could take longer than you expected but the best way is to try and neutralise the situation because it won't blow up in your face."You are going to move onto other relationships and you want them to move on as well so the best thing to do is for you both to have an understanding and hopefully get some closure on it."Unforgettable is out in UK cinemas from 21st April.

The pair got together during filming for Celebs Go Dating — much to the dismay of love experts Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman.

Speaking exclusively with Daily Star Online, Eden revealed his real thoughts about the couple's budding romance."I will very tactically say that I hope Charlotte dates Stephen and not Bear. I spent a lot of time with Stephen in the office and we got, for maybe two and a half minutes, Stephen," Eden told us.

The former Geordie Shore lass stepped it up a notch and made Bear get her actual face done on him, as well as the words "You're fired".

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