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In addition to the bubbly bridesmaid, Big Apple roomies Chet Cannon and Baya Voce, "Real World: San Diego"'s Frank Sweeney and "BOTE2" second-place finisher Theresa Gonzalez were also in attendance for Sar's big day.

Welcome to the art of connection, your host Baya Voce has dedicated her life to experimenting with human connection because everyone wants the same thing; the most fulfilling life you could possibly imagine. Did you have the most ups and downs in that relationship?

“I love you but being married to you is just too hard.” And so he seems to have transitioned into “buddy” mode.

It’s like he didn’t grasp that I was devastated that he was destroying our marriage, he thought we could just be friends instead.

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From facing off in a tense Thailand final to the altar -- you've come a long way, ladies!

As Chet prepared for the wedding, the other roommates when for a hike, Katelynn now joining them.

All seven roommates pose for a picture along with the bride, and perhaps the most fashionable man in the world.

Here, you can see Chet reuniting with Devyn, Baya, and JD as they are among the first to arrive.

Ryan and Scott showed up later to pose for an awkward family photo.

I decided the old thread was outdated and badly written, so I went through every cast member to try and find where they are now.

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