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Four pre-teens and teens Ali, 12, and her sister Amanda, 15 & Justine, 11, and her brother, Kyle, 16.

Kyle and Justine told John Walsh on his TV show that they love going to nudist camp because they feel secure and are not judged based on what clothes they have on or what their bodies look like.

There is an unusually wide range of chat room categories, the live video streaming and screen quality compares favourably with other sites, and the price is right.And if you ever get sick of simply watching and want to try the real thing, then check out our Sex Dating Reviews sister site for the largest sex dating review site online and score yourself a hot sex-date tonight!All our top 10 sites below are hand-picked, as the best in the business and all are free to join.These camps are good for teens' self-esteem and nudism is NOT about sexuality and exploitation.But opponents, like Florida Congressman Mark Foley, are concerned about sexual or lewd behavior between campers, as well as the background checks and the application process for camp counselors, volunteers and staff.Ali has gone to the nudist camp for 3 years and says she enjoys it because going to camp makes her feel good about herself, and kids really get to know each other and care about what's on the inside.

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