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At EF Education First, we use Skype for 90 percent of first round prospective employee interviews.

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The next time you touch Skype, it will automatically log you in.

With the economy in the Western hemisphere still in the doldrums, job candidates are casting wider nets and companies are reducing travel costs.

The Skype video interview is now firmly part of the job application process. Skyping has become a verb, joining the ranks of googling, xeroxing and photoshopping.

Click the “Video Call” button to initiate a video call with your webcam or type a message into the box at the bottom of the right pane and press “Enter” to send the text message to all participants.

I'm writing a simple conference host in C# for the Skype API.

It appears from the API documentation, that there is no link between the chat and the call, but this makes no sense as you can only have one call per chat, and Skype gives you a "join call" button at the top of the chat, so Skype MUST link between the Chat and the call.

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