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The point is to make sharing a photo or video as fast as physically possible.And I can’t imagine how anyone could make doing so any faster — without scanning your brain waves, at least.Also, as part of our summer promotion, help spread the word about Tordol and you can get a free Basic Lifteime membership!Simply add a link to on your blog, tell your friends about Tordol on your fave social site, or even make a Vine, Youtube or Instagram post that tells others why you like Tordol.com!If you are ready to play, click on preferences below to configure your game and get started! If you would like to add your own truth or dare questions to our site, please click here.Tordol is free to use, but offers added features for paying subscribers. Play Tordol with friends or random strangers using your webcam. We're taking a few days off to spend time being thanful for lots of yummy treats! Here's wishing all our Ghouls and Guys a safe and spooky holiday!

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If you really wow us, we might even send you a surprise!

As the party heats up, the games can get more and more entertaining. It's one of the simpler ice breaker games to play in the beginning: everyone in turn says the sentence"I packed my suitcase with..."and adds an item of his choice. Let's say Bob, Angela and Chris are playing this game: And so the game continues.

If you want an easy game, you can leave out the names.

We currently offer two methods for doing so: Chat directly from your favorite browser using the webchat client.

Click here to learn how to play Truth or Dare Online.

If you just want to kill some time and have a quick laugh, you can play "Fuck, Marry, Kill"! There is nothing more like hot smoke to break the ice!

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