Women and eyeglasses dating advice


(And if you wear makeup, it’s important that it be relatively subtle; heavy makeup isn’t appropriate for most offices and will make you look the opposite of professional.) Some people find that using makeup helps them look more polished, or they just feel more pulled together when wearing it.

A photo in bright, sunny surroundings, will make you look equally energetic.No matter where I looked, something was always wrong.Either the styles were old-fashioned and boring or the selection was poor.The photo here isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. If you’ve got glasses, take them off for the photo and wear contacts. If you wow her with your charms, and then she finds out you wear glasses, she won’t mind. But to get your foot in the door you need your smile to shine. You’ll notice how dull the picture is here, and that’s mainly because of the background, not the subject.It will make you look more sincere and more likeable. As human beings, we subconsciously tend to associate people with their environment.If you look polished and well-groomed, you’re where you need to be.

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