Updating inspiron 530 dell ram memory

That means you get to go buy a new copy of Windows. I can see this running a few games if it had the RAM maxed out and a better video card but what you asked about the CPU, motherboard would cost as much as a new PC. The presence of any non-Dell or non-Dell tested products or components on your Dell computer may affect the efficacy of the suggestions we provide or may diminish the accuracy or usefulness of the suggestions provided.

The System Analyzer Program utilizes an application to analyze the configuration of your system to provide you suggestions for compatible parts or upgrades for your Dell-branded computer.

So I own an inspiron 1545 that's almost 4 years old.

I don't want to buy a new laptop until about 4 years from now so I'm looking into upgrading it.

The Laptop has 2 (2 banks of 1) to install memory, already with 1GB standard memory installed.

For best Inspiron 15 (1545) Laptop performance use the maximum amount of 8GB, fill all the slots with the max allowed memory per slot for your Laptop.

Edit: Ok, thanks for the input so far but I must clarify some things. Also, my pc can run 8gb of ram (it has been done) as long as it has 64 bit os, which it does. While the CPU upgrade will help, I don't think that it will improve much because you can't add more RAM. SSD, the largest speed increase you will see on a lappy that age. that laptop only supports a total of 4GB of RAM (2x2GB), so I disagree. that laptop only supports a total of 4GB of RAM (2x2GB), so I disagree. Went with the P8880 /2.66 had t4300 /2.10 , UPDATE I went ahead and went to the T9800 it actually runs cooler the the P8880. 120gb sdd , but only upgraded the Ram to 4gb from 3gb.

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