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Two weeks after Election Day -- as Donald Trump assembles his Cabinet -- votes in many states are still being counted.

And the tally shows that Hillary Clinton's lead in the popular vote, with Michigan's 16 electoral votes still up for grab, continues to grow..

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She has about 64.2 million votes to Trump's 62.2 million; her margin in California alone is more than 3.7 million. Answer: As of today, Trump has 290 votes to Clinton's 232, with Michigan outstanding.

Even if Clinton wins there – a possibility despite Trump's lead since election night – she still would trail, 290-248.

Heat Street is a conservative website owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and started by Louise Mensch, a former Conservative Party member of the British Parliament. 7, 2016, article, Heat Street wrote that the FBI on two occasions sought a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA court, as part of its investigation of Russia’s interference in the U. presidential election, and Trump associates who were suspected of contacts with Russian officials.

Asked by news organizations for proof of Trump’s wild accusation of Obama, the White House provided five news stories written by four news organizations.

And then sometimes we learn that, as it seems, it’s totally wrong. “Fox & Friends” is often light on facts and heavy on distorting context, but this time it’s not their fault.

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