Finedrive 400 updating


I have removed the refurbisher's weird surface from the lid, Palmrest, and touchpad, and installed some of the Lenovo apps/drivers.

In all configurations, the MSA-500 Sensor Head has optimized microscope optics, an integrated LED illumination unit and a progressive scan video camera which provides a live video stream for the Data Management System.It can access and play up to 28 digital stations without any extra fees.With the AV in jack you can also play DVD's on the 7 inch diagonal screen.The following table helps to match the appropriate system to the application.Polytec provides systems for either single-task or combined measurements.By fully integrating a microscope with scanning laser doppler vibrometry, stroboscopic video microscopy and scanning white light interferometry, the Micro System Analyzer is designed with an all-in-one combination of technologies that clarifies real microstructural response and topography.

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