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Their remaining fighters, a force of about fifteen thousand, retreated into the jungle near the coastal town of Mullaittivu, taking along more than three hundred thousand Tamil civilians who were trapped with them.

Apart from being predominantly female, it's pretty difficult to pin down an average victim type. Women also spend a lot of time (and money) in avoiding street harassment.

Our poll showed women from all over the age spectrum, starting from as young as 12 and going up to late 60s. Women of all ages, sizes, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and in a variety of clothing get harassed daily. We walk different (often longer) routes, we spend a ridiculous amount of money on private transport in order to escape bus groping, or we simply drive/taxi short distances to avoid walking on the road etc.

That being said, it's probably time to stop trying to assess the demographics of the victims as clearly neither the moneyed Colombo elite, nor the stressed suburban mother of four, nor the hijab-donning adolescent schoolgirl are spared this daily verbal undressing. Even if you're a man and it's never happened to you, it indirectly affects your life.

Photographing Buddhist Monks is not taboo but can create awkwardness so assess the situation and if in doubt ask.

If Sri Lanka wants to create/ maintain a reputation for being women-friendly, irritating or molesting foreigners isn't the way to go about it. Many women are made to feel angry, scared, or attacked before they even get to work or school. The decades of verbal abuse, stalking, and fear means the average woman on the street will probably ignore you and hastily move on.

Brilliant on the field, obnoxious off it, Shane Warne was dismissed yesterday as vice-captain of Australia following revelations that he bombarded a British nurse with obscene telephone calls.

The incident involving Donna Wright, whom Warne met in a Leicester nightclub, was the most recent of a series of "indiscretions" - as the Australian media has politely termed them - by the flamboyant 30-year-old leg-spin bowler, now playing county cricket for Hampshire.

Specialised Sri Lankan adaptors can be bought in major hotels and many shops.

US sockets tend to be used, although older hotels, especially in the hill country, may use UK sockets.

There is no advantage in deliberately causing people to lose face. Allow a little more time for checking out of hotels, ordering food, travelling, paying bills, enjoying yourself.... CAMERAS: Please do ask permission before taking photographs of people and respect their wishes if they refuse.

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