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JET: It seems that the message of the family unit also carries through in your upcoming film, Devon Franklin: When you look at that particular story, they are just like any other family and all of a sudden tragedy strikes.

What’s fascinating about the story [is that] the miracle wasn’t just the miracle of her healing.

Devon Franklin and Meagan Good offer relevant advice on celibacy based on their New York Times Best Seller “The Wait,” which chronicles their 13-month journey of celibacy before the Hollywood couple tied the knot in 2012.

Franklin, who cut his teeth as a Seventh Day Adventist preacher, now also serves as CEO of Franklin Entertainment, producing the soon to be released “Miracles From Heaven.” Franklin and Good, who has been a leading actress on both the big and small screen, may seem like an unlikely pair, but the two share their love and hopes for the book’s impact with JET. Devon Franklin: I think it can change lives because the health of the community eventually rests upon the health of the relationships that make up that community.

We are in the business of connecting human beings for meaningful conversations.” One of the biggest reasons why Harvard Business Review and Biz Bash both remarked on how C2 Montréal stands out as a great networking event is largely due to Brain Dates.

Startup founders, investors, students and corporate innovation professionals got together last Tuesday (March 1st) to meet and exchange thoughts.

It’s very hard to have healthy marriages if you don’t have healthy dating.

By putting this book out, people will begin to make better choices in (the dating) area that might lead to better relationships, better marriages and ultimately the strengthening of the community and the strengthening of the family unit.

Raymond Rogers, of the the Los Alamos National Laboratory, confirmed the existence of embedded cotton fibers and noted that such cotton fibers are not found in anywhere else on the shroud.

This was confirmed by examining thousands of fibers collect during the STURP examination in 1978.

Cotton fibers were first detected by textile expert, Gilbert Raes (for whom the Raes corner is named) in 1973.

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