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Her aunt and uncle were performing-arts teachers at her high school.

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In fact, his only major punishment was self-inflicted.You don't go through a year like I did to not be happy and not make your own choices." producers how to write and film the video packages that air before each of his wife's performances," sources revealed."Naturally, he thinks he should be in each video." Things allegedly got so bad that producers had to tell Zee to "get [Aaron] to back off" after he started annoying viewers. "Ben has been receiving much less camera time on the show and has been moved from the best seats in the front row to the sides," the source claimed.Shue is her second husband to whom she got married on February 6, 2010.Amy's ordeal caused many hurdles but Shue was by her side as a supportive husband. In an interview with people, Robach said- "This was not something I would wish on anyone's marriage, but I think it was especially hard on a newer marriage. It was rough for several months." Amy was previously married to Tim Mc Intosh in the year 1996. Everyone needs to get rid of drama and enjoy every day.

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