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The conexion works perfect in Power BI desktop, retrieving all data needed without problems every time I push the update button.I also can upload the pbix to view it online and works fine.Permission settings in a document library grant users view, edit, design or even full control rights to items in the document library.To review or update permissions, access the document library where you want to add simultaneous editing.In the demo below Peter quickly repeats how the Excel chart works and is updated, and then he describes three methods for automatic update when Share Point list data is changed.One of the methods is buying a third party tool, and unfortunately the key performance indicator method is no longer possible.

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I've other online pbix updating without problems, all through a gateway, but this one don't do it.In the Subject part of the email enter the name of the new folder e.g. Open a web browser to view the document library to confirm that the folder and documents have arrived.If you already have a web browser open with a view of your document library page in Share Point Portal, press refresh to update the view of your document library.Metalogix Content Matrix Console - Share Point Edition has the ability to update the Site Collection Administrators collection, and update the site quotas for a given site.In order to use this feature the account that is running the Share Point Edition must already be a Site Collection Administrator, and an object model connection must be made to the Share Point instance (through a local connection, or a connection using the Extensions Web Service).Option One - Email When using email to add documents to your document library, Share Point Portal will automatically create a folder based on the email Subject title and will put all the files attached to the email into that folder.

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