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Currently more than 60 Ph D students and full time MS students work under the ambit of the lab.

More than 100 chips have been designed in this lab, fabricated and successfully tested.In this continuous quest for excellence in our research endeavours, we recognize the importance of modernization in infrastructure and experimental facilities.To ensure that we hold on to our position at the cutting edge of innovation, the Institute has set up several state of the art facilities.A fissionable material, such as uranium-235, is a material capable of producing enough free neutrons to sustain a nuclear chain reaction.Only 0.7204% of naturally occurring uranium is uranium-235.Once xenotime has been depleted, monazite and garnet are generally on opposite sides of reactions because they represent the two dominant sinks for Y in pelitic rocks. (2005) Analytical perils (and progress) in electron microprobe trace element analysis applied to geochronology: Background acquisition, interferences, and beam irradiation effects.

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