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Maybe you’re on your third date with him, and you’re wondering what he’s thinking.The chemistry’s good, the conversation is effortless, and you feel like this is the start of something really special. The Nobel Prize winner has compiled an impressive amount of science behind how we make decisions, and why those decisions are so often faulty.He also takes pains to show us how to bypass the faulty circuits to render decisions.But what you’ll normally encounter is that men take longer to decide when to get serious with one particular woman.At the beginning, a man is just getting to know you.The Apgar Score is great because it's fast, simple, foolproof and leads to action. The result is the TAO Hotness questionnaire: Score the following three questions on a scale of 2 (always or nearly so), 1 (sometimes), or 0 (seldom or never): 1.Pink, squirming, grimacing, crying baby with a pulse of 100 and score of 8 or above? Talk: Does the conversation between you flow effortlessly? Answer: Does he return communication in less than 24 hours? Ask Out: Does he make requests for your company in advance?

A kiss on your doorstep is enough to reassure us that you are interested but if you invite us in for the night we will start to wonder if this happens to every guy you date.

You wear the same outfit you wore to work on a date. One of the most important factors in your relationship is the fact that you were able to use his HBO GO password.

You're kinda having a relationship with him and, more importantly, Rust Cohle.11.

Add up the scores to those three questions (maximum= 6; minimum= 0).

Now score the last question on a scale of 1 (yes) to 0 (no): 4. Now multiply the cumulative score from questions 1-3 by the score for question 4.

You consistently suggest movie dates so that you don't have to make conversation.

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