Validating fckeditor

Copy FCKeditor's PHP connector class (/FCKeditor/fckeditor.php) to your application's libraries folder (/system/application/libraries), edit 'fckeditor.php' and add the following line to the top: updated by h [email protected] alternative approach is to call the function that generates the HTML for the rich-text editor from within your controller, and simply pass this through to your view file in the $data array: Here we have instantiated the object with an Instance Name of 'FCKEDITOR1', set some config options, and generated the HTML.Then we simply change the Instance Name to 'FCKEDITOR2' and re-generate the HTML - all other settings remain the same. if you call being able to type in a single run-on paragraph with no line breaks a blog.Let's fix it so we can style blog posts any way we like. one of several old-fashioned ways, actually: We've all seen sites that use each of these strategies. For comments and status updates, the last one can be a good choice; fancy formatting is probably just a distraction when folks are writing short comments.

See wiki for instructions on how to open a specific path in a repository.As a result, it is possible to upload any file with any extension on the server by using Null Character.Applications on IIS6 can also use "file.asp;gif" pattern. If no name is specified, the name of the control's content node is used instead to store the field value. A two-letter language identifier (en, ge, fr etc.) is displayed on controls where i18n is set to Tab is a control that lets you organize a dialog into a tabs. This property allows you to set a starting point for the browsing. Determines the name of the data node where the value entered by the user is stored. This allows authors to write foreign language or regionally targeted content.And Markdown is pretty awesome if you know what you're doing. We're going to give the user a full-blown rich text editor, just like Tumblr or Google Docs or Gmail.

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