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Biologists installed webcams in two California condor nests located in the rugged terrain of Ventura and Monterey counties to enable the public to watch California condor chicks and their parents.

The idea for live-streaming webcams was conceived in 2010 by U. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) employees after a remote California condor nest failed due to an injured chick.

This year, the California Condor Recovery Program celebrated a milestone in endangered species recovery with a record 19 wild condor nests in California.

Accessible seats can be purchased by calling 410-347-2020 ext.1222 or by e-mailing us at [email protected] If you reach a voicemail, please leave a detailed message and someone will get back to you in a timely manner.

Condor #111 is a 21-year old female that has been a breeder since 2001, with four surviving offspring in the southern California flock.

Male #509 is 6 years old and fledged from a wild nest near Hopper Mountain NWR.

Capacities and seating configurations can be customized for your event.

The sun's solar weather cycle is it at its peak this year, and today (March 5) you can get an up-close look at Earth's nearest star through an Arizona telescope in a live webcast.

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Our flexible and dynamic space has the ability to accommodate major concerts, family shows, sporting events, college commencements, conferences, corporate events, and political functions.Learn more about adult pandas on our Wolong Grove Panda Cam.The panda cam you’re watching shows baby pandas in the Happiness Village yard, named in honor of Xingfucun, one of many villages devastated in a 2008 earthquake.Accessible seating is located on the left-side facing the stage in sections 103 and 115, and on the right-side in sections 104 and 116.There are 2 ATM machines located on the main concourse of the building and 1 on the lower concourse outside of the Executive Office.About half of all panda births results in twins, but usually only one of the cubs survives into adulthood.

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