The first call dating

He was great, but I just don't think we're a match (kind of a gut feeling type thing, combined with the fact that I realized I really have no time to dedicate to getting to know someone right now).

He texted me yesterday and I responded minimally, but then he texted me again today wishing me a great day.

Don't worry about your phone skills or lack thereof and prepare for future calls by putting together a list of telephone topics in a handy spot.

A telephone topic list can be jotted down on a note card or even in a text document on your computer or on the notepad function of your telephone.

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Or does the mere sound of her voice turn you on like nothing else? If you talk on the phone and you like the sound of each other, it’s only natural to want to meet.

By now, you’ve exchanged a few e-mails and you’ve formed an image of this person in your mind’s eye.

You exchange phone numbers, agree on a time, and rehearse your witty dialog in your head. You listen for her voice…does she sound like what you had imagined?

“We’re all hyper-connected online and yet we’re fundamentally disconnected.” That gender essentialism may help sell books on how to decipher the behaviors of the “opposite” sex, but this is 2013—nobody buys books anymore.

Smartphone-enabled daters across the country are busy interpreting their own texts and coming to alternate conclusions about romantic connections between men and women.

To have the best possible time, while preserving your physical and mental wellbeing, read on.

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